Mina’s story
How to have an abortion with pills.
This video provides reliable, evidence-based information on how to have an abortion with pills. The fictional story of a woman named Mina—who has an abortion with pills without visiting a health center—shows how women are able to self-manage the process using simple instructions found on reliable websites like www.ipas.org/AbortionWithPills​ 
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Animation and art direction: Marcita.com (@animarcita) 
Production: Camila Kater (@camila.kater) and Marcita
Illustration: Maria Eugênia (@mrgnf) 
Animation: Marina Corbane (vimeo.com/marinacorbane) 
Sound Design and Mastering: Olivia Fiusa 
English narrator: Nomtha Zikalala 
Spanish narrator: Maria Lexa 
French narrator: Khady Sylla
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