Oiê! Hey! Hola! Salut! 

I'm Márcia but people know me as Marcita
I like to tell stories since I'm a kid so I decided to do it throw animated videos
inspired by the 90's MTV animations and traditional cinema.

I have been working as a creative director for animation projects for almost 10 years now and I have a special passion for working in themes related to culture, science, human rights, gender equality, and social change

I am an art director, illustrator, and animator from São Paulo - Brazil,
but eventually living in different places around the world.
Movement is the thing! 
Eu falo português 🇧🇷. I speak English 🇬🇧. Yo hablo portuñol, soy caradura 🇪🇸. 
Je ne parle pas encore français, désolé 🇫🇷. 🇨🇳 我不会说中文,对不起 
Some clients I had worked with:
Google, Facebook, WWF, Itaú and Itaú Cultural, Natura, Repórter Brasil and TV Globo.
Drop me a line if you wanna work together :)
 marcita@marcita.com  |  +55 11 993 784 205
______________________ x _______________________​​​​​​​

Podcast I've participated in:

The first one is about my life as a freelancer and
the second is about the creation of an online community for female
animators and motion designers in Brazil called Garotas do Motion
and the third one about life, direction, and learnings for Layer Lemonade, both in Portuguese:
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