Hey! Hola! Salut! 
I'm Márcia but people know me as Marcita.
I'm an art director from São Paulo - Brazil, but working remotely allows me to be anywhere. 
I like to tell good stories so I do this throw animated visuals.
Many times I consider myself privileged for been working with themes related to
human rights, environment, education and public awareness. 
I work with a chain of excellent professionals and because of it
I can develop the whole video production: from storytelling to the final video.
Some clients I had worked with: Google, Facebook, WWF, Itaú and Itaú Cultural,
Natura, Repórter Brasil, OBoticário, Escravo, Nem Pensar , TV Globo.
Drop me a line if you wanna work together :)
E-mail: marcitolina@gmail.com
+55 11 993 784 205   |   +34 615 78 33 18
Podcast about my life as freelancer (in portuguese):
In Brazil I helped to create a female group of motion designers called Garotas do Motion and
we talked about this for Layer Lemonade podcast (in portuguese):
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