Oiê! Hey! Hola! Salut! 

I'm Márcia but people know me as Marcita
I like to tell good stories since I'm a kid so I decided to do it throw animated videos
highly inspired by the 90's MTV and tradicional cinema.

I have been working as a creative director for animation projects for almost 10 years now.

I am an art director, illustrator, and animator from São Paulo - Brazil,
but eventually traveling with my computer and working remotely with a team or by myself.
Eu falo português 🇧🇷. I speak English 🇬🇧. Yo hablo portuñol, soy caradura 🇪🇸
Je ne parle pas encore français, désolé 🇫🇷. 🇨🇳 我不会说中文,对不起 

Some clients I had worked with:
Google, Facebook, WWF, Itaú and Itaú Cultural, Natura, Repórter Brasil and TV Globo.
Drop me a line if you wanna work together :)
 marcitolina@gmail.com  |  +55 11 993 784 205
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Podcast I've participated:

The first one is about my life as freelancer and
the second about the creation of a online community for female
animators and motion designers in Brazil called Garotas do Motion
for Layer Lemonade, both in portuguese:
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