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Hello :)
I'm Márcia but people call me Marcita  ˘◡˘
I'm a creative director, illustrator, and animator from São Paulo, Brazil but living in movement.

Unlike almost all art directors who found their passion because they liked to draw since they were kids, I, of course, liked to draw, but
I found my journey when I was 13 years old and discovered punk rock.
At the time, I started creating fanzines using typewriters, photocopies, and collages. I didn't know I was indulging in the art of graphic design. My 'zines covered political and musical subjects, from feminism to reviewing poorly recorded cassette demo tapes of three-chord bands.
I was heavily influenced by cinema and 90s MTV animations, which brought me to where I am today. 
I work internationally with governments, NGOs, and not-for-profits, as well as environmental and educational institutions, and for journalists and documentarists globally.

I manage a tiny and efficient creative studio remotely. When you hire me, you also have other bright creatives working on your project.

I start the projects by developing ideas with my clients, helping them to clarify the best way to communicate what they need through a range of image moods and storytelling styles.
I give talks about my creative job, and I also conduct workshops. -> You can read about them here.
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Podcast I've talked with:

I spoke with the lovely people from Layer Lemonade about life,
direction, learning, and moving to another city :)

For the Frila podcast, I talked about my life as a freelancer.

For the Anchor Point podcast, we talk about the creation of an online community for
female animators and motion designers in Brazil called Garotas do Motion.

I was invited by my client to talk about the process of doing the animation Mina's Story which talks about abortion with pills.

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