{ O Contrário do Medo | The Opposite of Fear } 

Change can only come through the fight. But the fight is scary. Neither dreams nor fights are done alone because no one walks alone. Facing fear is an act of faith. Act of love. We come together, we denounce, we fight, and we win, many times.

Rights and a dignified life need to be defended daily. Until we put an end to such injustices. Therefore, what we tell is not the story of a person, it is the story of a struggle.
Reporter Brasil comissioned this animation as tribute to the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) for its tireless work and unconditional struggle, dedicated to the eradication of slave labor. The short is a fiction based on real facts and individuals.

Production: Marcita.com
Script: Natália Suzuki, Vitor Camargo, Lucia Nascimento
Direction, Illustrations and Animation: Helena Kampen
Additional Animation: Felipe Pellisser
Voice Over: Xavier Plassat
Music and Sound: Vitor Moreira

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